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Steve Frank, a public high school biology teacher begins to teach "Creation Science" which Steve renamed "True Science" and is dismissed . Steve Frank files a discrimination law suit against the school board and Charlotte Darwin, the wealthy litigating attorney for a law firm that represents a corrupt Cartel seeks to discredit True Science in the court room. After being exposed to True Science, Charlotte questions her faith in evolution and threatens the Cartel and is betrayed by a friend and is murdered. Detective Murphy is on the case to discover the assailant and is assisted by Charlotte's teen age son and computer hacker. Steve Frank's future will be decided by a jury who had never heard of "True Science" before the trial.

Darwin Was Murdered

An entertaining story that will keep you turning the page. True Science facts are presented to a jury to decide the outcome of a discrimination lawsuit. Put yourself in the shoes of the jury. Will you decide that True Science should be taught in public schools along side evolutionary science? Could True Science have an impact on school children as it does in the story for Charlotte Darwin?

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